I was born in Milan on 5th July 1987.

At 19 years old, while studying Fashion Design, I started to work for Armani in Milan’s Boutique and a few years later I moved to New York to have an experience in the style office. This path, together with a working experience for Valentino forever defined my sense of Aesthetic Beauty. In 2012 I got my degree with the thesis entitled "A revolutionary fashion business: the converge of the real and the virtual", where I envisioned the idea of being able to live wherever one dreamed of living, for me mainly in peaceful places in harmony with nature, continuing to work and develop one's artistic vision and share it with the whole world, thanks to the advance of technology.

Since then I started the endless adventure of creation, turning that vision into reality, working and living without boundaries between the island of Sardinia and Milan, off and on traveling to my beloved New York and other destinations to explore the world and find inspiration in diversity, which for me will always represent an inestimable value and a reason of cultural enrichment.

My Mission

«I felt responsible for the beauty of the world». Emperor Hadrian

Beauty intended as aesthetics, ethic and spirituality.  

I deeply believe that the legacy of this enlightened thought belongs to all of us, the destiny has made the Pursuit of Beauty my mission.

Everyday, everywhere, the Divine lust for Beauty is the Perpetual Guide and Inspiration of everything I do. It leads me to create objet d'art and spaces capable of opening the heart and soul, making the self disappear and become one with the eternal, conscious, irreducible, infinite, omnipresent spirit of the Universe.

Aesthetic Way

For me the Aesthetic Way is always the reflection of an Ethic Way.

For this reason, I have always been deeply attracted to elegance, that type of beauty that stimulates the intellect and the senses. I am fascinated by pure refinement. I seek mysticism therefor I only pursuit what is essential. I eliminate excess, seeking balance.

Beauty for me is an infinite passion, an instinctive attraction. I am only interested in objects and spaces that invite you to reflect and so I love to combine abstract, minimalism and tribal art.

I need to get to the essence, which does not mean reducing to nothing or superficiality, but finding the true meaning. Clean lines, precious materials and a minimalist design are pure expression of inner harmony.

Made in Italy & Sustainability

Il Bello Benfatto is deeply rooted in Italian Artisanal Culture and passion for BeautyMade in Italy is Authenticity, Integrity as much as Craftsmanship Excellence. Made in Italy is Time. A slow, conscious and dignified time.

My lamps are hand made by myself and the fine jewelry collection Ocean Drop Diamonds, Wandering Stars are made by the unparalleled skilled and aware hands of the best Italian artisans, guardians of the secret that combines the most precious stones with gold, to give birth to a work of art. Almost all jewels are made on order, eliminating waste and using only the material that is indispensable, after having carefully selected it.

The Values that guide me have always been sustainable: through my work I propose timeless object d’art, to be worn and lived forever, not for a season. They are the result of Genuine work, made with Time. A slow, conscious and priceless time, synonymous of sustainable and authentic work, the only one that gives dignity to the human person.